SPAANSTEQ HTS-528 Cast Iron & Steel Brazing Rod (2-Pack)


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The strongest brazing rod made for joining cast iron and steel, HTS 528 is thin flowing for close – fit joining and repairs on all cast iron, steel, copper, bronze, nickel, and brass. It will also effectively join dissimilar metals. Master welders rate its wetness on ferrous and non-ferrous metals as excellent, and while it is very hard, it is still fully machinable.

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HTS-528 is the perfect rod to use for high-heat applications, it takes 760 degrees and above to penetrate and therefore needs oxygen with any gas or oxy-acetylene. HTS-528 is much stronger than cast iron or steel cast iron which averages 40,000 PSI with 1% elongation and steel averages at 65,000 PSI with 20% elongation, HTS-528 averages at 102,000 PSI with a 30% elongation, therefore resulting in a much stronger repair.HTS-528 is perfect for repairs such as a cast iron manifold, or high-stress areas, including joining cast iron ears or repairing cracks in blocks, or for body work like replacing sheet metal on your rusty floor of your car.

Tensile Strength: 102,000psi

Elongation: 30%

Bonding Temperature: 760*C

Flow: excellent


Hardness: 92 Brinell

Fuming: Low