MAC-AFRIC Manual Mobile Brick Making Machine (Maxi Mould)


R 27,995.00INCL VAT

A larger solution for entry-level commercial builders or suppliers. Fitted with a MAXI brick mold with 8 Brick Drop. Mould can be removed and fitted with alternative mold for different bricks (sold separately). Simply Tamper the mixture and drop 8 bricks and move on with caster wheels. Much faster production time than smaller hand molds.

  • less labor intensive than egg layer models
  • mold can be changed for alternative bricks (sold separately)

Maxi SA Brick size: 290 x 140 x 90 mm

Up to 3000 MAXI bricks per day (depending on mix quality and labor effort this is just an estimate)

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MAC-AFRIC Manual Mobile Brick Making Machine (Maxi Mould)

R 27,995.00INCL VAT

Manual Brick Making Machine Manual click HERE

For cement mixtures for optimal bricks click HERE

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