MAC-AFRIC HSS Annular Cutters (Core Drills)


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HSS core drills are made from high-speed-steel material. These are the most popular core drills or annular cutters in the market. HSS core drills are cheaper for smaller diameter i.e. 40 mm. The biggest advantage of HSS core drill is its ability to re-sharpen. Unlike TCT core drills, HSS core drills re-sharpened and used with good efficiency until the desired length is remaining. HSS core drills have a longer service life, high heat resistance: the characteristics of HSS core drills is that drilling with these core drills can be done without the use of excessive force.

  • Hardened High-Speed Steel HSS
  • M2AL Alloy
  • Core Drill Bits
  • Weldon shank for the magnetic base drills
MAC-AFRIC HSS Annular Cutters (Core Drills)
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