MAC AFRIC 40 Piece Tap & Die Set


R 365.00INCL VAT

  • Metric Course & Metric Fine Combination
  • 3 – 12mm
  • Heat Treated
  • Ideal for Engineers, Automotive & General Workshop use
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MAC AFRIC 40 Piece Tap & Die Set

R 365.00INCL VAT

The first number or fraction represents the diameter of the screw or bolt. The second, the number of threads per inch. (this is the number of revolutions the screw travels in one inch)

M3X0.5, M3X0.6, M4X0.7, M4X0.75, M5X0.8, M5X0.9, M6X1.0, M6X0.75, M7X1.0, M7X0.75, M8X1.25, M8X1.0, M10X1.5, M10X1.25, M12X1.75, M12X1.5 1/8 NPT

Weight 1.28 kg
Dimensions 32.40 × 20.00 × 4.40 cm