Jemaco Air Dryer (TX35K)


R 14,995.00INCL VAT

These dryers use mechanical refrigeration to dry compressed air. These dryers use refrigeration to condense water vapor out of the air stream. The TX air dryer has a very unique heat exchange system, the cold air leaving the air dryer will be warmer than the incoming cold air. This is normal and unlike any other dryer on the market.

Typical applications:

  • Spray Painting
  • Plasma and laser cutters
  • High-end air tools
  • Pneumatic valve applications
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Jemaco Air Dryer (TX35K)

R 14,995.00INCL VAT

DIMENSIONS (mm)568 x 368 x 394
POWER SUPPLY (V/Ph/Hz)220-240/1/50
WEIGHT (kg)32
POWER (kW)0.42

PLEASE NOTE: Rating conditions are 42°C inlet temperature 6.9bar(g) inlet pressure, 100% inlet relative humidity, 35°C ambient temperature @ 50Hz. Please refer to the data plate for refrigerant charge.

Weight30.98 kg
Dimensions53.20 × 43.00 × 63.80 cm
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Did You Know

Interesting Facts

  • Compressed air treatment saves you time and money
  • To achieve effective water removal a refrigeration air dryer with filters would be needed.
  • The air dryers will remove water and some oils by subjecting the warm air from the compressor to low temperatures created by the Freon circuit. The 3-degree temperature achieved within the dryer changes the water vapor (gas) to a liquid condensate. These liquids are drained by the timed auto drain valve at the rear of the dryer. This level of air-drying equates to ISO8573-1.4.0 to obtain any more water from the air after the drying process will require an ambient air temperature of 3°-0°C to be in contact with the air piping.