Earth Rod SABS 250 um M16 x 1200A (Threaded)


R 110.00INCL VAT

Electroplated copper onto a high tensile steel rod.
A pure copper jacket.
Full adherence of the copper jacket to the steel core.
No cracking of copper jacket during bending.

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Earth Rod SABS 250 um M16 x 1200A (Threaded)

R 110.00INCL VAT

Specification: 250μm Earth Rods
– Steel core: 600 MPa
– Copper: 99.9% pure electrolytic copper
– Copper Thickness: 250 microns
– Copper Structure: Very fine grain structure and highly ductile
– Copper Bonding: Fully bonded with steel core
– Threads: Rolled into copper M16x2 – 6g
– Nominal Diameter over Copper: 14.5mm
– Ends: Chamfer and Pointed (2mm and 6mm x 45deg)

SABS Mark of Quality:
Manufacturers producing earth rods to this standard may, under a mark
permit issued by the SABS, apply the certificate mark to the commodity
as evidence to the purchaser that the commodity is being made in accordance
with the standard and that compliance with its requirements is ensured by
tests and inspections carried out by the SABS.

Weight 1.54 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 100.00 cm

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