12 thoughts on “Why Run your Generator Dry?

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi Aaron. We are a privately owned and managed business. All our stores are privately held and run by head office. We do not offer any franchise stores at this stage.

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi Deon. To our knowledge, we have not ever seen a small enough jackhammer that can run of a smaller backup petrol generator like the one above. For remote work or roadwork, professionals tend to use pneumatic jackhammers powered by a larger commercial mobile air compressor (screw type). These generators are intended for backup use at home for a few hours at a time when load-shedding or municipality power is offline.

  1. Estelle du Plooy says:

    I need to get a generator for emergencies when load shedding becomes a reality. To keep the fridges x3 and freezer, electric garage doors , gate and security SYSTEM (after back up battery is used up) to be kept in working order. What generator do you recommend? Price ? Where will I get the best deal?
    Thanks Estelle

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi there. We recommend measuring your draw by an electrician but going by what you mentioned a 5kw machine would do the trick. They start off at R7695 inc VAT. All our stores have the same pricing so you are welcome at any store of your choosing.

  2. Chrsito says:

    Good day,
    I have 2 questions regarding running a generator dry.
    1. How often should you do this?
    2. Is there a procedure to start the generator again after a dry run as all fuel has been drained after the tap.

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi, this only applies to petrol fuel engines. We recommend doing this after it seems machine might be stored or if power has been reliable for a few weeks. Don’t let it stand idle for more than a month. Starting it up again is the same as every other time just make take a few seconds or try longer since fresh fuel needs to flow from the tank into the carburetor.

      The gel-like residue petrol turns into when sitting idle in the carb happens after some time between 3 – 6 months.

      If you can run it dry every time go ahead, but load shedding is here to stay so you will probably need the machine daily.

  3. Nigel says:

    Hey Francois,

    I’m no expert so just wanted to know if I’m able to run my mig welder from a generator and if so, what specs am I looking for in the entry level generator for such purposes?

  4. Michael says:

    Hi , where cabinet I buy a fuel shut off for generator, mine has broken and how much is it. The generator is a Mac Africa 7.5 kw

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Please contact our spares dept on 011 434 7000 There are different taps for different models but they are not expensive.

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