At Adendorff we stock various kinds of sandblasting tools & equipment. This short article will explain the different kinds sandblast equipment there is and some examples of the kinds of applications they are used for. We will also recommend the kind of air compressors recomended to be used with the tools mentioned.

Sandblast Pots or ContainersView Range of Sandblasting Equipment here

R 1,595.00
R 1,995.00
R 5,395.00

Air Tools (Pneumatic Tools)

MAC-AFRIC Sand Blaster Pot Gun Set

R 195.00

The grit is kept inside the container where air pressure is created forcing the grit out through the hose. They come in various sizes and types. We also stock a “dust free” version that shields the spray area and vacuums up most of the excess dust created in the process. Once the grit leaves the container its sprayed onto the surface area of choice, however, the grit then is expelled to the environment and that has to be taken into consideration.

Sandblast Pot Aplication
Sandblast pot gun (nozzle) spraying the grit onto a large steel surface.

Benefits of Sandblast Pots

  • Covers large area surfaces and is a great time saver
  • Ideal for more commercial applications
  • The higher pressure used than in other smaller cabinet type systems, this means better penetration and rust removal.
  • more grit is moved compared to cabinets.

Cons of Sandblast Pots

  • The high rate of grit wastage due to grit being expelled into the environment
  • Potential health risks to a person in the immediate area (you must wear appropriate masks and safety equipment)
  • More waste means higher cost to blast surface area compared to cabinet systems

Pros and cons aside pots are very simple to use and very popular in the glass & aluminum industry. You will see these kinds of tools used in ship repair or restoration, its one of the best ways of removing rust from metal without losing too much steel in the process.

R 15,995.00
R 2,995.00
R 4,995.00
R 1,995.00

The cabinet is different to pots in the sense that it keeps the grit inside the cabinet itself. The grit is kept inside the bottom of the cabinet and circulated with the hose and gun. This means the grit is continually “recycled” until it becomes a super fine dust and has to be replaced in time. There is various kind of sizes and models available and most come with an internal light to make it very easy to see what you are doing.

A view inside a sandblast cabinet.
A view inside a sandblast cabinet. The target is held by the hands inside while the gun expels the grit.

Benefits of Sandblast Cabinets

  • recycles grit until it’s too fine to use, a great cost saver and better for the environment
  • great for finer smaller cleaning jobs such as car parts
  • no mess

Cons of Sandblast Cabinets

  • depending on the size of the cabinet, you usually have a small space to work with, and restricted weight of the object.
  • gloves and glass films get worn out over time and have to be replaced over time.

Cabinets are a mainstay in repair workshops especially when replacing a rusty part is more costly than a good cleaning. With various sizes available we have a type for any application in most workshops.

R 355.00
R 195.00
R 475.00

Air Tools (Pneumatic Tools)

MAC-AFRIC Air Sandblaster Kit

R 365.00

Sandblast guns that don’t use a container such as a pot or work inside a cabinet are very popular for smaller DIY jobs, especially for decorative applications on glass or aluminum. They work in a similar way sandblast pots do where the grot is simply forced through the hosing and onto the surface. Above there is a very unique “airbrush” sandblaster for superfine decorative applications. Sandblast guns are usually inexpensive and are ideal for the odd small job around the home or garage.

  • inexpensive and easy to use
  • great for small decorative work on glass & aluminum.
  • they have their own container or can extract grit from another container, this makes them very compact.

Sandblasting takes plenty of air flow at a high pressure of air. For the grit to the damage you need the particles need to travel at a high enough speed to cause friction on the surface you are cleaning. So even if you are using a small sandblast gun or a large pot you will need a larger compressor with a good duty cycle.

  • most guns or pots need a minimum of around 8 CFM or more. You can find this info easily from manufacturers we list this info on our entire compressor range
  • you need high pressure 4 – 6 bar or more, the most cost-effective compressors for this has a tank with a max pressure of 8 bar.
  • keep duty cycle in mind, think how long it will take you to clean the surfaces and how frequently you need to, for most applications a belt drive compressor is needed.
R 7,495.00
R 69,950.00

For compressors, you usually need to overshoot the CFM requirement by around 25% to make sure the air pump has some time to cool down between tasks. Sandblasting requirements allot of air so smaller DIY compressors fall short for this task. Petrol machines are popular for this application due to the excellent air flow the air pump generates with help form the powerful engine attached. They have smaller tanks but provide excellent air flow for the price and size.

Than you for reading our article on sandblasting. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or interact with us on social media with the social media links above the comment section. If you have any suggestions or advice feel free to let us know we enjoy interacting with our customers.

18 thoughts on “Sandblasting Equipment & Typical Applications

  1. Prof Kobus Visser PhD says:

    I appreciate that you take time to explain to the hobby enthusiast. This is a growing market where “would be” hobbyists can learn from. Thank you for making that effort.

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      We have most of our tools & machinery in stock simply browse our website for pricing and specs on our products. We have stores nationwide please click the link at the top menu “store locator”

  2. STEFAN says:

    hi I am looking for a Machine to engrave/sandblast words into smalish pebble rock with a stencil – do you have a machine for this type of work

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi, our pots should be able to do this pretty well since the rock probably won’t fit inside a cabinet. There are links above to our whole range of sandblasters.

  3. zano says:

    Please advise – what type of sandblasting equipment will I need for residential windows i.e sliding doors and standard size windows

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      It mobile work on site so a pot and a 200-liter belt driven machine. Cabinets are not an option here due to the large working area involved.

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi, the v-type has a slightly lower running temperature however the single design (where the 2 cylinders are directly next to each other) have a better life time. CFM output is only marginally different. V-types tend to be slightly cheaper though. Honestly, the differences are very small but we usually recommend the singe design.

      The smaller direct drive machines have 1 cylinder and a much shorter duty cycle due to high RPM. These are recommended for DIY and home use.

  4. Joshua Dixon says:

    Good day, Would you recommend the COMPRV-230 200 Liter Belt Drive “VType” or the COMPRE-615
    200 Liter Belt Drive Compressor for a hobby workshop? I see the price difference is ~R200 so I am curious as to which is better/what the difference is. Thanks!

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      This is very hard to answer but the 615 model is arguably better. V-head does have a slightly higher CFM but it marginal. We recommend the 615 model it tends to last longer.

  5. Ahmed says:

    Hi Francois
    Thanks for the info . Very helpful. Have to mention that the guys at Centurion are tops in advice and service > KING LOUIS AND EBERT. Its a pleasure to be served by these guys and their TEAM. KEEP IT UP. Jergens Beds & Lifestyle Factory.

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