NORTON Blaze Rapid Strip 115 x 22 mm Polishing Disc


R 265.00INCL VAT

The Norton Blaze Rapid Stripping discs can be used for multiple applications, from heavy corrosion and rust to thick coatings on metal components. Norton Blaze is also ideal as a fast paint stripping disc; a perfect choice for car restoration projects.

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NORTON Blaze Rapid Strip 115 x 22 mm Polishing Disc

R 265.00INCL VAT

Essentially it will strip and clean almost anything without damaging the metal.
This paint and rust remover disc contains a unique ceramic structure that when in use will continuously stay sharp due to the ceramic grain technology.
The ceramic grain shape is sharper with keener cutting edges that will provide an instant and rapid paint and rust removal process.

Key benefits of using the Norton Blaze Rapid Strip are:

It does not shed on rust encrusted pieces.
It does not load and clog with soft metals, sticky coating or adhesives.
Rapid and efficiently stripping and cleaning.
Will not damage the metal surface.

Best choice for removal of surface rust & residue, corrosion, light weld splatter, dirt, mill scale & other similar surface contaminants

Automotive Aftermarket
MATERIALSStainless steel (Inox)
Carbon Steel
MACHINESAngle grinder
APPLICATIONSSurface Preparation (blending, Cleaning, Surfacing)