MAC AFRIC 4-IN-1 Multi-Function Automotive Tester


R 565.00INCL VAT

  1. Multimeter 
  2. Test lamp
  3. Lighting lamp
  4. Probe


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MAC AFRIC 4-IN-1 Multi-Function Automotive Tester

R 565.00INCL VAT

Its front end has unique feeler which searches circuit. It can accurately detect all faults like voltage and signal inside wire on the surface of wire rubber cover (convenient and efficient detection).
It has the functions of multimeter (voltage, resistance, diode, buzzer. etc.)
It has several test lamps.
It can test pulse signal function.
Its front end has a high-brightness lighting lamp.
It has the special function of detecting the voltage drop with bad contact and aging wire.
With a unique structure design, it is convenient for a narrow space operation of the automobile circuit.
It is favorable for the decorations of auto electric parts, such as the installation of a burglar alarm, sound, GPS anti-theft tracking system, subwoofer, etc.
Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 35.80 × 12.20 × 4.40 cm