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  1. Ben Geldenhuys says:

    Good you please give me a price on a generator Mac Africa 8.75KVa 7Kw 31.8A as soon as possible for house hold use. I am staying in Vryheid. Which of your branches has one. Thanking you in advance.

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      All prices are listed on our website. We have run out of stock for now nationwide due to excess demand unfortunately.

        • Francois Landsberg says:

          They can work but use allot of power. One plate on a stove pulls about 2 to 3 kw of power, the oven even more. Its not advised. We recommend perhaps using gas energy to cook while your stove has no power. Use the generator for other appliances such as lights, TV and computers.

  2. Rob says:

    Hi Franscois, Can the Mgener-550, -008 & 010 be connected to the mains DB Board via a manual changeover swich in compliance with SANS 10142-1 ?. Does the generator have a V-O-V earth which is not permitted ref. clause “that a 230 V generator with a V-O-V earth connection (centre tap on winding which is earthed), shall not be connected to a fixed electrical installation” ?.

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Yes, all our machines can be connected to a manual change over switch. As far as the question goes with VOV. As I understand it a VOV connection is for mobile machines that cannot be earthed on a fixed installation. Our machines can and should be earthed. We especially recommend them to be installed directly to a DB board and earthed safely. But they are mobile in the sense that they have wheels and can be used wherever you need them (on site work) you will just use the front plugs in that instance. When using them fixed most electricians divert the plugs and use the poles located behind the genny’s front panel, it means a more secure connection and with a lower risk of shorts.

  3. Rowan van Tonder says:

    Hi Francois, I bought a Mgener-450. It came with a handle and wheels that need to be assembled. Is there maybe a step by step description/images for how to assemble the wheels?

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi there, I’m sorry but a mistake must have been made. that machine does not have wheels or a handle. Please contact the store for more info they perhaps loaded an additional box meant for a different machine.

  4. John says:

    Good day. I would like to know how long do you need to charge your battery before you use your generator for the first time. Thanks. John

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi, the batteries that come with our machines 99% of the time has enough charge to get going. The alternator keeps the battery topped off. When completely flat a 2hours quick charge would do the trick.

  5. Avasthi says:


    I need a generator for household use. Mainly to power 1 light, and 3 plugs to charge laptop, run my home alarm system and wifi router. I do not know which one would suit my basic needs. I also need delivery and installation if possible. Please advise.

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi at least a 2kw unit will be just fine. We only sell machines. Our warranty approves of any qualified electrician to do the installation. At this stage, all goods are collected in store.

  6. Ryan Bradfield says:

    Hi Francois
    I need to power a medium sized fridge (not double door) + 7 overhead power saving lights @ 75W ea + 1 x 12000 btu split unit aircon + Tv & DSTV and laptop.
    What size gennie would i require to run this setup?

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      A 12000 BTU should be needing around 3500w + 250W for the fridge. However, fridges have a startup of around 1250W. All this is speculation a load test is recommended. We estimate all this to need around 5.5kw so a 7kw (8kva) machine should be enough. Aslo speculation based on the info provided. We recommend doing some kind of load test on the board or each device to make sure how much power it uses.

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      of course yes. They can run a cable from the power output into a change over switch and then run mains & generator power through the switch. Make sure the genny used has a working AVR (automatic voltage regulator). Machines with no AVR are not recomended

  7. Brian says:

    My power needs are small when load shedding.
    At the moment I use a sinewave inverter with a deep cycle battery to run my laptop, internet router, desk fan, and desk light. I get about 4 hours.
    OK my question is: Can I use a small generator that will run my 2 door fridge, upper section fridge lower section freezer plus the deep cycle battery with an CTEK
    smart charger attached permittedly that will run the laptop, internet router, desk fan, and desk light?

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Yes, a 2kw would be probably good enough for 1 full fridge but for 2 fridges a 4kw will probably be required. You see when the fridge switches on it surge due to the gas compressor starting up to build pressure. So you need quite some power to switch them on.

  8. Jabu says:

    Hi, I want to know what you would recommend for these: 6 lights on, cctv’s 4 cameras, electric fence, 1 router, 1 laptop to watch netflix. Thanks

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi, we are not too sure how much power the fence needs but a 4kw should be fine. This is just speculative we recommend you do a load test to ensure the amount of current needed.

  9. Kevin says:

    Hi Francois, I purchased a MGENER-604 and has an ATS plug. I would like to know what the ATS connector pin outs are allocated to so i can get the correct ATS controller. We have gone through the diagrams in the supplied books and none show the pin outs.

  10. Martin says:

    Hi Francois, please help, what size gen would comfortably run the following, please note that the following components will be in use permanently:
    Alarm system 40watts,
    Fridge freezer 220 watt,
    wifi router 15 watt,
    TV 150 watt,
    small radio 250 watt
    and 10 x 15 watt LED lights, then occasionally with the above mentioned a Hair dryer 2500watt and coffee maker 1500watt, but my thinking or the plan rather is to only run the hair dryer if the coffee maker is not in use and visa versa?

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Because of the hairdryer, I would no use anything smaller than 6.5 kva. But if you are careful a 5 kva can work.

      If you avoid using those 2 appliances you can use a much smaller 2.5 kva machine.

  11. Mo says:

    What machine would I need to acquire if powering
    2 Refrigerators
    2 wifi routers
    Electric fence + Gate
    7 LED lights

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi due to the geyser and the fact I’m unsure of how much power an electric fence needs i would say a 7.5 kVA for sure but a 6.5 kVA might be OK for shorter 4 hours run times.

      The 6.5 kVA will struggle with the geyser but might be ok for shorter periods. Consider switching the geyser of, it keeps temp for over 8 hours or longer depending on the type.

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      We are not entirely sure about the current needed as each model is different. Ice cream machines probably have a big motor so please check the manufacturer’s electrical label. But if we have to guess a 8.75 kVA will probably be the right choice.

  12. Stephen says:

    Good Morning,
    What generator size will be suitable for me?
    I wish to have it for the following.
    28 X down-light LED globes (There’s 4 globes in each room)
    5 X Fridges (Starndard size)
    5 X TVs (55″ inch)

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Because of the fridges and uncertainty from my side on the input needed a 8.75 kVA will work if you switch the fridges on one by one. A 12 kVA is probably needed because of the high current needed when they are switched on.

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      I would recommend a 6.7 kVA but a 2.8 kVA will run those at high load. 6.7 kVA will be more economical and will be great to have for additional needs.

  13. Chris says:

    Hi what gennie do i need to tun following
    1 x bosch fridge freezer
    1 x bar fridge
    2 x tv
    1 x computor
    3 x phone chargers
    2 x soundbars
    6 x lights
    1 x hairdryer
    1 x fan

    • Sewes le Roux says:

      Good day Chris

      As far as I know, the 2 fridges take at least +-1.5KW each. I would suggest at least a 10kW generator. Why do I say so?
      The fridges contain an element that needs almost 3x more its original power to start up.

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