8 thoughts on “How to Choose Your Generator

  1. Ben Geldenhuys says:

    Good you please give me a price on a generator Mac Africa 8.75KVa 7Kw 31.8A as soon as possible for house hold use. I am staying in Vryheid. Which of your branches has one. Thanking you in advance.

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      All prices are listed on our website. We have run out of stock for now nationwide due to excess demand unfortunately.

  2. Rob says:

    Hi Franscois, Can the Mgener-550, -008 & 010 be connected to the mains DB Board via a manual changeover swich in compliance with SANS 10142-1 ?. Does the generator have a V-O-V earth which is not permitted ref. clause “that a 230 V generator with a V-O-V earth connection (centre tap on winding which is earthed), shall not be connected to a fixed electrical installation” ?.

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Yes, all our machines can be connected to a manual change over switch. As far as the question goes with VOV. As I understand it a VOV connection is for mobile machines that cannot be earthed on a fixed installation. Our machines can and should be earthed. We especially recommend them to be installed directly to a DB board and earthed safely. But they are mobile in the sense that they have wheels and can be used wherever you need them (on site work) you will just use the front plugs in that instance. When using them fixed most electricians divert the plugs and use the poles located behind the genny’s front panel, it means a more secure connection and with a lower risk of shorts.

  3. Rowan van Tonder says:

    Hi Francois, I bought a Mgener-450. It came with a handle and wheels that need to be assembled. Is there maybe a step by step description/images for how to assemble the wheels?

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi there, I’m sorry but a mistake must have been made. that machine does not have wheels or a handle. Please contact the store for more info they perhaps loaded an additional box meant for a different machine.

  4. John says:

    Good day. I would like to know how long do you need to charge your battery before you use your generator for the first time. Thanks. John

    • Francois Landsberg says:

      Hi, the batteries that come with our machines 99% of the time has enough charge to get going. The alternator keeps the battery topped off. When completely flat a 2hours quick charge would do the trick.

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