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Sandblasting Equipment & Typical Applications

At Adendorff we stock various kinds of sandblasting tools & equipment. This short article will explain the different kinds sandblast equipment there is and some examples of the kinds of applications they are used for. We will also recommend the kind of air compressors recomended to be used with the tools mentioned. The grit is kept inside […]

Battery Specifications and What they Mean

This will form part of our blog posts about battery chargers. There are many kinds of batteries used in the automotive field and the correct chargers must be used to charge certain batteries. In here we will outline the major battery types & specifications you need to look out for when you are deciding on a […]

3 Types of Battery Chargers and their Applications

3 Types of Battery Chargers & Applications

Not every battery is the same, and we carry a large range of battery chargers for a reason. Below we outline different kinds of chargers and their typical applications. This is our first entry in our series about battery chargers and types of batteries. A simple charger works by supplying a constant DC or pulsed DC […]

10 Incredibly Handy Automotive / Garage Tools

Tools are all about making the job easier, quicker & cheaper. At Adendorff we stock many useful automotive tools that are specialized for their applications. We always recommend to our customers to use the right tool for the job, and in the automotive industry, this is exceptionally important. From working on gearboxes to alternators, brake pads […]

Welding Machine Tips for Beginners / A short guide

welding tips on the tools & tips blog

Welcome to our first welding tips for machines article, in it we will go through the basic selling points & features found on welding machines, the kind of applications and metals they are good for and certain pitfalls you might want to stay away from. Armed with these welding tips as a novice welder you […]

A Train is Born, Part 5

Final Finished Train Built to Scale

Author: Luke Ronne I really enjoy speaking to the visitors at the Rand Society of Model Engineering (RSME) club. If you want me to carry on for ages just keep the conversation technical and away from what the latest celebrity did to make the headlines. I had a gentleman ask me where the trains come […]

A Train is Born, Part 4

Author: Luke Ronne I was a little hesitant about writing the following article. Sensitive readers may be offended; this article may contain words like steam, boiler and welding. Words like these tend to make people throw their hands up, close their eyes, and run for the hills. My personal view is boilers should instill a […]